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(writers and riders?)

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Ride bikes?
Write about it?
Write bikes?
Ride about it?

This community is for those of us who consider the bicycle as of particular interest to the literary community.
Not just riders, but writers too. And not just writers for that matter, any artist or rider or anyone really who considers the bicycle a particular inspiration in their life.
Works in progress of any media are certainly encouraged, but when posting, please put images and longer literary works behind cuts. If there are any particular questions that you as an artist want to ask for feedback for, feel free to put those in there too.

pictures, sketches, any pictures you've taken while on a ride, any information about bike related events, literary/artistic events/showings/readings/shows that are related to bikes in some way are all welcome, to a certain extent.

as this is a new community, any feedback as far as resources, other communities, etc. is totally welcome.
Thanks for lookin'!

wompwomp!, Your mod!