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New Bicycle Invention

New Bicycle Invention

Two wheel steering bicycle where the rider sits perpendicular to direction of motion.
See pictures at the website

Subject : Rideability

Model # 1 Moves in s sideways direction

The initial balance come easily.
About 40 people on the street have wanted to ride this bike.
20 could ride it OK and 20 could not ride it at all.
I feel that the difficulty is a little less than a skateboard.
The physical sensation of travelling sideways is nervous in the beginning.
I have ridden this bike all over the world (Boston, LA, Las Vegas, Montreal, Miami, Paris, Amsterdam and Koln. By moving to the right and sticking to the right of the road (I also use a mirror) it is quite safe. Traffic entering from the right and getting stuck in a middle lane are a problem. You are on the other hand much more aware of cars following you.
For the UK, Ireland and Singapore (driving on the left) a model would have to be built to travel to the left.
The frame comes over your lap and you are a little constricted. I have spent
some time on a version where the frame is below the rider ( visible at

Model # 2 Two wheel steering bike that travels in a forward direction

This bike is much easier to ride.
About 50 people on the street have wanted to ride this bike.
Everybody rode this bike except 2 people.
Because the frame is under the rider you are free to jump off at any time.
The wheelbase is about 1 1/3 of a regular bike. The rider sits upright in the very middle. It is extremely stable. The ride is quite like riding a horse.
Strong contact in the saddle and little or no weight on the steering handles
(like the reins on a horse).

I have great hope for this model and I think it could be a kids bike (7 -- 14).
Its a lot of fun and is easily as safe a regular bike.
It has none of the limitations of the Model # 1 above.
I have ridden this model in LA, Las Vegas, Boston, Miami, Montreal, Berlin,
Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussles and Paris.
People seem to like it.

-- Cyclateral

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