maekhin chanj (trbulnt_spnstr) wrote in bikewriters,
maekhin chanj

Angels carrying safety fly above
as she glides on the road
brightly lit street allowing others to notice
her athletic dodging of cars
her practiced taming of men in those cars.
At the stop light one screams,
"Hey, mami, let's go for a ride"
She almost flips him off until she sees
three kids piled into the front seat;
smiles like the first step into Disneyland.
In the backseat she notices
handlebars enshrined in pink sparkly plastic
connecting to shining orange and purple frames
sky blue seats
and those girls are waiting for the angels of safety
to fly over their heads.
Their dad will teach them to ride on the sidewalk
but the angels will give those girls desire
they will jump the curb
plow past cars
swirve through vehicles like motorcycles
ending up at a lake or stream somewhere halfway up a mountain
and smile like girls who know
that the first step into Disneyworld
isn't what makes the world beautiful.

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