Jane Q. Freezing-Rain (pasajera) wrote in bikewriters,
Jane Q. Freezing-Rain

Not a poem, but a question

So Los Angeles is hosting the Bike Summer this year, and one of the articles in the newsletter is about bikes in literature:

"Among the topics that can de included in the prospective celebrations of all things bikerly that is bikesummer, literature is surprisingly lacking....One of the easiest answers is that you cannot read, let along write, while cycling. Reading and narrating always imply a sort of stillness and delay, principles opposite to those normally attributed to bike riding--motion and speed."

The author goes on to recommend a 1966 French novel that has just been translated into English, Quel Petit Velo a Guidon Chrome by Georges Perec. (She laments that the translator interpreted the velo as a moped, however!)

It leads to the question though--do y'all have any recommended bike-based literature to share?

(The newsletter is available as a PDF at www.bikesummer.org if anyone wants to read the full article, by the way. And as an aside for wompwomp, there's another article in the newsletter where someone's exploring the links between riding bikes and riding horses--reminded me of your centaur poem.)
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