Jane Q. Freezing-Rain (pasajera) wrote in bikewriters,
Jane Q. Freezing-Rain

*very* rough draft--comments?

My bicycle is my station wagon
Gallon of milk, pizza for two
Wasabi rice crackers for snacking on at home
Rolls of specialty papers from the art store--
My bicycle leans dangerously,
I have to steady it with both hands
As I pack it on the sidewalk

My bicycle would hold a soccer team, if it could
I’d tow the kids in a trailer if I could just figure out how
Till then, I’ll be scheming how to best pack a tent
Onto the luggage rack
Bungee cords already too short
Hanging coolers from the bar ends
How to pack the most efficient load
Bigger backpack, cargo pants
Forget about saving precious ounces
My only regret
Is that the cargo obscures
Some of my bumper stickers

My bicycle is my moving van,
My RV, my cruise ship
Complete with a shuffleboard deck
And life preservers
Roller-skates lashed to the sides
To serve as escape rafts
The band plays nearer my god to thee
As it crests the rise
And rolls downhill
Incredibly fast
The mass
Oh, the mass
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