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Riders and Writers
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Monday, May 11th, 2009
1:08 pm
This was a mighty fine weekend after being sick in bed for 2 days straight.
Met a new friend at Point Defiance, ate lunch on a picnic table in the cold shade as a chain restrained us from moving it to the sun.
Cycled the loop around the park, caught touristy views of commencement bay...I will forever be a tourist here
The park was bumpin', it was a warm Saturday in May in a place known for its drizzle
Took the Scott Pierson trail over The Narrows bridge and at the pinnacle spent one of my favorite 30 random minutes in the sun staring at the water sparkling below, chatting, while boats pass below...next to the Help Hotline phone because people have committed suicide here...at least I hope it was on an equally beautiful day. Learned about bridge construction and destruction and developed a little rosy pink on the cheeks, and a little secret crush behind the eyes.
[Youtube Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse, and while you're at it go to singingbridges.net]
On to Gig Harbor after pedling the bridge, my hand touching the hand rail as I sailed along on my Schwinn, took another undeserving break lying on warm beach rocks. Found no good rocks to skip but wore his hat to block the sun from my glowing cheeks.
Up and down hills, pedaling up and down hills, made it back to the park and on to wait for the ferry, another short break on a grassy knol, felt good but too short lived. My confidence was high on this grassy knol...it must have been the lighting and the water being so close.
Short ferry ride to Vashon Island, always heard of it, a queer sounding name but interesting enough, never thought I would go but here I was. The situation was unassuming enough as it was, why not go to Vashon today?
Robot-served coffee, plush ferry seats, I was sunken low in my seat so I barely stared out the window.
Once on the island we pushed up the hill per the directions of old ladies and it was immediately calm and quiet and quaint and forested, we were alone on the road with optimism and a little portable "music pouch" speaker system..we listened to Explosions in the Sky.
We wanted to find the tree that ate the bike [roadsideattractions.com] but we never did find it. Road down a long hill and encircled the bay through a waterside village of homes where we agreed would be a nice place to settle down.
Peddaled through Burton, sailboats, back into the sun, found secret docks with old boats and rope swings, until we finally found our beach access slice-of-heaven like we were a-hunting for. I took photos of a clam full of flowers and we listened to indie rock bands of his choice. Now what would a trip to a little west coast island be without the proverbial Creepy?  He told us not to fear him nor his dog, wanting us to throw our bikes in the back so he could give us a lift to the ferry, or to know which way we were headed for fear he would hit us while he was driving...yammer yammer  yammer and we were back on our way from whence we came, put the pedal to the concrete, pressed hard up the largest hill ever only to miss the ferry by a hair as it was pulling away. He laughed hard and so did I.
We entertained ourselves with stretching and talking and Pedro the Lion and dreaming of joining one of the bayside bonfires at one of the private homes or climbing on the dock we realized had a broken joint.
The ferry came and we went, back into town, the sun was set and I could feel that the day was nearing its end. My energy was gone but we went out for a burger and beer and said our goodbyes quickly and I was stunned and knew not how to act towards this new friend whom I felt a bond and attraction to, except with a hug too short and a goodbye too shallow and promises of doing this again. But I didn't pay attention to the inquiries of a next time, I was too sad that the day was over, and couldn't believe that it would ever happen again. I can only hope that it will.
Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
4:49 pm
"the tongue exaggerates everything"
...a favorite quote from michael brown.

x-posted to bikewriters
deliveries so far: 20
bottles of water: 3

last night's feature was hectic... but a lot of fun.
to start things off right i was going to try to sneak out of work a little early and get my proverbial shit together. tried. naturally my dispatcher and one very incompetent phlebotemist had other plans. was working until shortly after six-thirty, with the promise of %100 pay for the three jobs coming out of this one lab. (my usual cut is %65. high by courier standards.) wouldn't have been so bad if the phlebotemist wasn't being a cunt, irritatedly asking me all kinds of questions about pick-up times, and routes, and why we don't come at five o'clock... 1) i don't know shit about the routes. i do express ONLY. if i'm called in to help out a driver, i go where i'm sent. 2) see number 1. 3) we don't come at five because the genetics lab closes at five so what you got has to be on time. don't be handing me mis-labeled specimens at fucking six o'clock and telling me you're in a fucking hurry. if you were in a hurry, you should have had it ready earlier. no one else who works in that lab has trouble doing it. in the end, she and i were the last people to leave that clinic and she didn't have a key to lock the door behind her. i could have walked back in fifteen minutes later and looted the entire place. dumb, dumb, dumb.

so i booked it home. scanned through the last six-ish years of poems and printed out about fifteen that i thought were relevant, grabbed a couple chapbooks, and screwed over to wickenden with fallaparthero.
the crowd was thin, and the open hadn't started yet by quarter of eight, but it was a quality open mic, however short. i didn't get to pay that much attention as i was poring over my poems, arranging a set list as quietly as possible.

i guess my room mate described it best (or at least most ammusingly) as a punk/hardcore type set. about fifteen poems in just under twenty minutes. short. fast. hard.
it turned out no poem was longer than one page, although i always try to stagger lengths somewhat. no covers. didn't have time to prep one.
things went over well. i tried to cut off applause after most every poem by starting the next one, or bantering about something or another.
felt more than a little weird being dressed for work, still in spandex shorts under my shants and an 80's castelli jersey.
my room mate also heckled me in true central mass style, breaking my serious mood with giggling and uncontrolable smiles. i love good-natured heckling.

the money was fair. but someone needs to make a concerted effort to work the door and make sure late-comers pay by being at the door all the time, or at LEAST putting a sign on the door that can't be overlooked.

afterward i traded a chapbook for a guiness.
after that, it was swamp-thing vs. robocop at home. there were no winners. only hangovers.

today, for some reason, the roof of my mouth is shredded (like from too much big granola) and there was a giant blister on the upper left side, which tunred to a large flap of skin dangling in my mouth most of today.

i'd like to think it was the scorching poetry...
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Saturday, November 12th, 2005
1:21 pm
Too soon!
o how the flurries
settle like ice in my heart
bike lanes full of snow
Monday, September 26th, 2005
2:42 pm
commuting haiku
commuting to work
i breathe deep the cars exhaust
ripe fish smell so sweet
Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
6:02 pm
Forgot my blinking waterproof pants at home! :-)
Warm summer streets
turn to warm summer rain
waterproofs left at home

Do you sense a tension in the last line? :-)

Current Mood: okay
Thursday, August 18th, 2005
9:13 pm
Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
9:18 am
an ode to summer, bikes, and the heat
a little thing that fell into my brain during the morning commute:


to those who complain about the heat:

i want it hotter. 100 degrees. 105. one hundred and ten. I WANT TO SWEAT SO MUCH I HAVE TO TAKE MY PANTS OFF WHEN I RIDE. bring it on. sweat means you're alive, baby. i want to hallucinate when i'm on the road. i want my sweat to drip into my eyes, blurring my vision. i want the sun to beat down on my flesh so i'm burned so badly that i can't sleep at night. that's right, mr. and mrs. sun, i can take what you got.
Friday, May 27th, 2005
6:31 am
Not a poem, but a question
So Los Angeles is hosting the Bike Summer this year, and one of the articles in the newsletter is about bikes in literature:

"Among the topics that can de included in the prospective celebrations of all things bikerly that is bikesummer, literature is surprisingly lacking....One of the easiest answers is that you cannot read, let along write, while cycling. Reading and narrating always imply a sort of stillness and delay, principles opposite to those normally attributed to bike riding--motion and speed."

The author goes on to recommend a 1966 French novel that has just been translated into English, Quel Petit Velo a Guidon Chrome by Georges Perec. (She laments that the translator interpreted the velo as a moped, however!)

It leads to the question though--do y'all have any recommended bike-based literature to share?

(The newsletter is available as a PDF at www.bikesummer.org if anyone wants to read the full article, by the way. And as an aside for wompwomp, there's another article in the newsletter where someone's exploring the links between riding bikes and riding horses--reminded me of your centaur poem.)
Thursday, May 26th, 2005
9:00 am
haiku from bike to work week
busy city street
riding up against the curb
with the flattened squirrels

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Monday, April 4th, 2005
2:18 pm
*very* rough draft--comments?
My bicycle is my station wagon
Gallon of milk, pizza for two
Wasabi rice crackers for snacking on at home
Rolls of specialty papers from the art store--
My bicycle leans dangerously,
I have to steady it with both hands
As I pack it on the sidewalk

My bicycle would hold a soccer team, if it could
I’d tow the kids in a trailer if I could just figure out how
Till then, I’ll be scheming how to best pack a tent
Onto the luggage rack
Bungee cords already too short
Hanging coolers from the bar ends
How to pack the most efficient load
Bigger backpack, cargo pants
Forget about saving precious ounces
My only regret
Is that the cargo obscures
Some of my bumper stickers

My bicycle is my moving van,
My RV, my cruise ship
Complete with a shuffleboard deck
And life preservers
Roller-skates lashed to the sides
To serve as escape rafts
The band plays nearer my god to thee
As it crests the rise
And rolls downhill
Incredibly fast
The mass
Oh, the mass
Sunday, March 20th, 2005
12:50 am
the ground cries out
misty march, tap break
the spirit flies, eats concrete
oh shit! busy street ...
Friday, March 18th, 2005
10:53 am
bitter cold fingers
even the bike seems to want
three shots of espresso
Sunday, March 13th, 2005
8:59 pm
Buddha of the bins
A peripheral cornering glimpse
Shining plump onyx Buddha
Perched in front of red bricked terrace wall

In direct view
The black bags piled bloated on rubbish bins
I speed on past
Rusholme's zen temple.


Inspired by an optical illusion encountered on my way home last week. :-)

Current Mood: okay
Friday, February 25th, 2005
9:11 am
limerick for a road accident
Here is my first limerick attempt in 10 years, be patient with me! :-) This was inspired by a little road accident I had last fall, for the record my bike wasn't damaged that badly (nor was I), I've used some hyperbole here.

There once was a girl on commute
Who tangled with a car on her route
she flew o'er the hood
her chin became pud
and her poor bike was totally ka-poot!

Anyway, I'll keep working on it, I'm sure I can come up with something better! :-)

Current Mood: awake
Thursday, February 24th, 2005
10:11 pm
A few from my head
In cold dawn air,
I clip in without pause
and crank it out

The renewable fuel
running in my veins,
surges and responds

Shifting aggressively
I don't need that
give gears to the weak

The left turn lane
motionless and tensed
muscles ready to ignite

(Not exactly proper haiku form... so sue me)
7:44 pm
bike haiku
automobile key
asphalt-scarred, dings pleasantly
underneath my wheel

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
2:37 pm
Hi, I like the idea of this community of riding writings. I often compose haiku while riding to work, based on the experience of the ride itself or sometimes just random things I see in the street as I whoosh by. Some old samples below, hope you enjoy!


necktie in the street
beige circles on grey--looks like
a snake in the road


fractured asphalt street
pieces rattle, clatter 'neath
by bicycle wheel


despite the gloves,
my fingertips are freezing!
hands steer all balled up

struggling 'gainst the hill
body finally warms up
--except for the toes

low angle of light
makes sycamore leaves glow with
golden copper green

changed into work clothes
and all settled at my desk
--now my nose is cold!

Saturday, January 8th, 2005
1:27 pm
New Bicycle Invention Sidewaysbike.com
New Bicycle Invention

Two wheel steering bicycle where the rider sits perpendicular to direction of motion.
See pictures at the website www.sidewaysbike.com

Subject : Rideability

Model # 1 Moves in s sideways direction

The initial balance come easily.
About 40 people on the street have wanted to ride this bike.
20 could ride it OK and 20 could not ride it at all.
I feel that the difficulty is a little less than a skateboard.
The physical sensation of travelling sideways is nervous in the beginning.
I have ridden this bike all over the world (Boston, LA, Las Vegas, Montreal, Miami, Paris, Amsterdam and Koln. By moving to the right and sticking to the right of the road (I also use a mirror) it is quite safe. Traffic entering from the right and getting stuck in a middle lane are a problem. You are on the other hand much more aware of cars following you.
For the UK, Ireland and Singapore (driving on the left) a model would have to be built to travel to the left.
The frame comes over your lap and you are a little constricted. I have spent
some time on a version where the frame is below the rider ( visible at www.sidewaysbike.com

Model # 2 Two wheel steering bike that travels in a forward direction

This bike is much easier to ride.
About 50 people on the street have wanted to ride this bike.
Everybody rode this bike except 2 people.
Because the frame is under the rider you are free to jump off at any time.
The wheelbase is about 1 1/3 of a regular bike. The rider sits upright in the very middle. It is extremely stable. The ride is quite like riding a horse.
Strong contact in the saddle and little or no weight on the steering handles
(like the reins on a horse).

I have great hope for this model and I think it could be a kids bike (7 -- 14).
Its a lot of fun and is easily as safe a regular bike.
It has none of the limitations of the Model # 1 above.
I have ridden this model in LA, Las Vegas, Boston, Miami, Montreal, Berlin,
Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussles and Paris.
People seem to like it.

-- Cyclateral

Monday, October 25th, 2004
1:23 pm
some more stuff, and some edits
off to a little slow start, but i had to edit some stuff for my portfolio due today, thought i'd post them.
one edit of the long one from last post, and another shorter one.

more stuffCollapse )

Current Mood: busy
Friday, October 22nd, 2004
4:28 am
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